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Social and Female Misogyny in Australia

Female misogyny is a big concern of mine, and a huge social issue here in Australia. Women degrading other women, because their women. Women who think women are nothing, incapable or incompetent with out men. This attitude can not be seen more clearly than in the treatment of our first female priminister. Julia Gillard is being critisied and objectified because she is a un-married women with out children. Other women consider her unfit to run the country, but when asked why, thier examples are “she’s a red head, we all know red heads are unreasonable and hot tempered, she has a big arse, flat tits, bogan accent, she doesn’t understand what it means to be married and therefore can not relate, she doesn’t have kids and thus can’t relate, she lied about the carbon tax, she’s just another lying manipulative bitch”. Of course none of these statements are true, but that doesn’t stop men and women treating our first female priminister with less respect than any other priminister in history. They don’t call her by title, instead they call her “bitch, cunt,ranga, whore, barren hoe, slut, that women, she, jules, Julesy and “her” but society at large and the media, almost never call her “Priminister”Or “Gillard”. This level of disrespect has never and is not happening with our male politicians, they are all still accorded the respect of their title and position and lies by men are considered standard politics, but “Gillard” who did not lie, but rather was forced into a position of minority leadership and therefore had to compromise with the leader of the senate Bob Brown, thus going back on her promise not to institute a carbon tax. Is being held accountable for a tax that Bob brown created and that benefited all Australians. Bob brown has not been held accountable for the tax that Australia hates, but financially and environmentally benefited everyone. The primister on the other hand is still being bullied and hated for it, one prominent journalist even went so far as to say “Priminister Gillards, father died of shame”.Julia Gillard will eventually go down in History as one of Australia’s most successful Priministers, but that is not what this country cares about. Gillard has successfully passed more policies in her term than any other politician in history, she has also been the only politician to actually make the massive social reforms that she promised for example she has instituted the nation disability insurance scheme. Australians will pay an additional 3% levy in their tax, but disabled Australians everywhere will now have access to funds that will enable them to buy the things they need to return to work, thus paying taxes and not receiving a pension off the government. She has also implemented the Gonski program for schools, ensuring that no child in Australia regardless of socio-economic standards will go with out a education. Disabled and under privileged children everywhere will soon be receiving the same education standard as their wealthy and healthy peers. She has made massive changes to parenting payments, allowing both partners more time at home with their kids and don’t even get me started on our highly successful economy that is the envy of the world. In deed as the facts stand, Julia Gillard is the most philanthropic politician Australia has ever seen. But the media does not talk about her success just her big arse, flat tits and marriage status, the Australian media would have you believe that because Ms Gillard and her Partner Tim Mathieson  who is a hair dresser and are not married, they are both gay and living double lives. Yep in Australia, aesthetic appearances have become more important than policies. They harp on about a innocuous carbon tax, that she instituted a year ago with out any financial or social damage to our society, but because this tax was something Australians did not understand and therefore did not want, she is still be punished for it, the opposition actively uses it as a tool to prove “she” (they refuse to use her name, calling her only by gender) can not run the country, the use phrases like “she needs to make a honest woman of her self and repeal the carbon tax” such comments are a not so subtle way of reminding Australians that she isn’t married and of course all unmarried women are dishonest. They mock her repeatedly by getting their press pictures taken beside opposition supporters banners with the words “ditch the witch” and “ditch the cunt”. Recently while attending a state political dinner, the opposition gladly ate a main meal entitled “Julia Gillard, Kentucky friend Quail, small breasts, huge thighs and a big red box. The opposition leader apologized but refused to sack or reprimand MP Mal Brough for his actions in approving the menu at the dinner hosted by himself. Despite this blatant misogyny the media is still prophesying the end of Gillards leadership, they claim, that Abbot will win by a landslide in the September election. It is my hope, that like America, where the media prophesied a landslide victory by Romney, Australian media will also be wrong. Abbots approval rating is low, but his inept, POLICY FREE party has a slightly higher approval rating than Gillards Labor party. And i do mean policy free, Abbot  is so sure of his victory he has refused to release any policies pre election. It is my hope that at this election if people won’t vote for Gillard they will at least vote independent. It will most likely mean Gillard will once again be forced to work with a minority government, but she will still be a better leader than the Misogynist Abbot. I just hope the rest of Australia sees that too, but sadly to many men and women agree with the sentiment of one anonymous writer from the website who wrote “One can be guaranteed with feminist Julia Gillard in Power. The lies, hypocrisy and incompetence will be clearly demonstrated and promoted under the guise of how brilliant leftist females are at destroying a country.”The above example of social misogyny that is sweeping our country sickens me and it needs to be stopped, whether Gillard is our priminister or not and before the systemic misogyny becomes ingrained in our society and increased levels of domestic and intimate partner violence not only increase but are tollerated as normal.

This is expecially fearful for people with a disability and those living with a disability or chronic medical condition have a higher risk of experiencing violence than people without disability. They can also experience more barriers to access support services.

Family violence is a gendered crime. Evidence indicates that family violence is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men against women and children.  Male violence against women is often characterised by the misuse of power and control within a context of male privilege. Women are not inherently vulnerable or ‘at risk’, but are made so by policies, structures, and systems. As such, some women are at greater risk of experiencing family violence.

Compared to women without disability, women with disability:

  • Are at greater risk of severe forms of intimate partner violence
  • Experience violence at significantly higher rates, more frequently, for longer, in more ways, and by more perpetrators
  • Have considerably fewer pathways to safety
  • Are less likely to report experiences of violence

In addition, women are more likely to be seriously injured or killed when they are planning to leave the relationship, or in the months following separation. This is owing to the perpetrator’s sense of entitlement, ownership, and perceived loss of control of the victim.

For these reasons we work closely with domestic violence and sexaual assault support organisations to ensure not only that out practice reflects an accurate understanding of the risks involved but also how to best handle complex situations.